Reshaping the future of Financial Services

We are creating value in our technology by disrupting the core, together. Through significant investment in LC Group which holds our in-house team of leading IT specialists and Research & Development function - we focus on creating, scaling and maintaining our systems from a global perspective.

Our team has revolutionised and continues to develop our digital lending platform with financial and credit products. As we maintain our technology in-house, we are committed and able to be agile and move quickly based on strategic business needs.

Lime realises having easy and convenient access to unsecured loans is becoming mainstream, with more consumers expecting a straightforward online application process directly from their desktops and/or mobile devices. Our platform provides a proven technology solution that is customisable for each market and provides the tools to help our customers evaluate their loan options, complete the application quickly and with ease - all online. A credit decision by Lime can be made in just seconds and if approved, the borrowed funds can be deposited directly into the customers bank account within minutes. With ease, our customers are able to manage short-term cash flow needs.

Our Technological Approach

Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

An approach to software development for complex needs by connecting implementation to an evolving business model.


A software development methodology merging Software Development (Dev) with Information Technology Operations (Ops). The goal of DevOps is to shorten the system's development life cycle while in parallel deliver features, fixes and updates frequently based on direct business objectives. Its approach is to focus on automation and monitoring during the entire process to build software.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This involves the deployment of services, which are units of logic that run in a network. A service can handle interactions within your company and between your company and its suppliers, partners, and customers. SOA implies a style of development that focuses on the business as a whole and on modularity and reuse.

The Benefits of our Technology

Automation of driving cost-savings and efficiency

Our automated service provides cost savings and reduces labour-intensive, sometimes redundant payment processes. Lime Credit Group focuses on reducing administrative overhead and delays to pass down the cost savings for our customers.

A major goal of Lime is to continue to use modern data science to automate the loan process. We have been able to rapidly increase the amount of loans we are able to fully automate and as of Q4 2018 we have reached 80% automation. The processing paperwork and verifying basic information is still reviewed by a human underwriter before they can be approved who checks that the information is accurate and the loan makes sense.

Scalable for global expansion

In order to support international operations and expansion with growing complexity in the landscape, our solutions in FinTech address this. We work through a standard streamlined Payments, Product, Customer Service, Collections and Scoring Model through real-time reporting and reconciliation.

Our technology is scalable for growth due to our agile IT team and their ability to localise all products and services based on local requirements alongside managing risk.

Access to big data

At the core, lending is a big data problem, which makes it a business naturally suited for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). This is because part of the value of a loan is tied directly to the creditworthiness of the customer that takes out the loan. Therefore, the more data you have about a borrower equated with how similar individuals have paid back debts in the past, the better you can assess their creditworthiness.

The perspective of AI/ML is that it can analyse all of these data sources together to create a coherent decision for the best interests of Lime and our customer.

Research & development. The digital opportunity.

Today we’re witnessing the simultaneous maturing of numerous breakthrough technologies—the Internet of Things, big data and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and robotics amongst others—that is unprecedented in human history. Broadly defined, digital is the application of these breakthrough technologies to radically reshape companies, industries and indeed broader society.

As a financial technology firm, we use this opportunity and realise that people are at the core of our businesses. As a result of this, our Research & Development team is continuously innovating and pushing boundaries to improve existing products and procedures and to lead to the development of new products and procedures. We have our client's best interests as we help them realistically assess their financial capabilities to only issue credit to those who are able to make timely repayments. We are able to make this happen with our scoring model.

Overview of Our Scoring Model

Customer submits application

The customer submits required documents and application through a mobile or desktop device.

Credit Robot (Anti-Fraud + Key Checkpoint Analysis)

The credit robots automatically block customers who provide false and fraudulent data. This is a software component that performs checks on customer data and loan applications to check their authenticity. The key data points include but are not limited to: Blacklists, Credit History Bureau, Anti-Fraud Sources, Mobile Operators, Social Networks.

The Lime Scoring System

Our Machine Learning system is able to estimate the real probability the customers will return the credit by viewing the customer’s solvency and the risks based on the information provided based on Machine Learning algorithms.

Customer approval status determined

The application is assessed by many checkpoints including Credit Robots and our Scoring System for probability of repayment. If the customers are approved, they are able to receive money is as fast as a few minutes.

Automated scoring system

Lime Credit Group invests heavily in our cutting-edge automated scoring system which consists of Credit Robot and Machine Learning (ML) model algorithms.

These two elements work in pair as they automatically process all our customers in the system. The Credit Robot and Machine Learning Model incorporate various internal and external data sources and make the final decision on all customer applications.

When evaluating an application, our automatic scoring model is able to process hundreds of significant parameters of potential customers within just a few seconds.

As a result, depending on business goals we are able to tune our model and adopt the accuracy rate which in turn is able to determine if a customer is suitable to borrow with us.

It is only after this, that a decision is made to grant the loan. Because of the specific parameters, our data system automatically blocks potential customers who cannot fulfil their obligation and those who are not able to repay the loan to us.

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