Growing our business the right way

At Lime, we believe that how we do business is as vital as what we do. Our aim is to achieve the best results in a way that treats our customers in fairness and helps to strengthen communities to ensure a properly functioning financial platform. Our core values are central to achieving these aims and set clear expectations about how our people should work globally.

Our Mission

To empower people with financial freedom through technology by making lending more efficient, standardized and equal.

Our Values

Our values form the basis of our culture, business strategies and brand, bringing us together and guiding what we do. We have four we stand by:

We are entrepreneurs

Identifying the opportunity to meet customer needs in financial services, two entrepreneurs joined forces to create a digital lending platform in 2013. This same entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive today and continues to drive the way we support our customers, vendors, industry and communities.

We are humble

Having evolved from a small start-up to a multi-national digital lending platform, creating value for our customers has been driving our success. Our aim is to provide innovative supply chain and logistic solutions that meet the needs of our customers and add long-term value to their businesses.

We have extreme passion

Our team of leading world-class specialists are dedicated and truly believe in what we do and this ultimately shows through externally. Lime Credit Group is built from a team of passionate and talented people from all around the world looking to change the online lending industry. We are committed to raising the bar for the lending industry and we look to solve hard problems.

We are innovative

We aim to provide credit for all people in order to help them reach their goals and ambitions by continuing to focus on our proprietary digital technology.

Our Leadership at

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