Global Oversight

We have worked alongside regulators since the beginning to ensure we operate safely within the law. As of January 2019, we are regulated across all markets and have fully operational licenses in required countries. We are operating and compliant within the law in all our entities: Mexico, Poland, Russia and South Africa.

Lime Credit Group has proven to regulators that our platform doesn’t introduce bias to the credit decision and has established reporting procedures to ensure future versions of the model will continue to be fair as we scale. We are well aware that AI/ML-based lending expands access to affordable credit by constantly finding new ways to identify qualified borrowers. Our operational model avoids unlawful unintentional discrimination and statistical bias which would be harmful to disadvantaged groups. We continue to focus on machine learning to process individual’s alternative data collection ethically to determine creditworthiness and we expect that this area will grow significantly globally. Our alternative data landscape includes but is not limited to:

Social Media

Search History

Purchase History

App Use

PCI DSS Compliance

Lime is one of the few companies in its sector that has full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS) which incorporates physical access control, system-level security, and inspections / audit to ensure that clients’ personal information is kept private. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard "PCI DSS" is the global card industry security standard, established by five major international payment brands, JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, to enhance cardmember data and transaction data security. This means we are required to be compliant with the following:

  • Build and Maintain a Secure Network
  • Protect Cardholder Data
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy

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