Digital online lending platform

Lime Credit Group is a financial technology firm. We are proud of our digital online lending platform, designed to meet the modern financial needs of our customers.

Lime Credit Group

Our company specializes in financial technologies and digital solutions that change the way you can borrow money.

Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, we create a platform for a customized approach towards lending. We help connect our customer with opportunities, reinvent themselves and help them realize their ambitions.

With our world-class team, and the combination of technology, analytics and customer service capabilities - we’ve built a firm uniquely well-appointed to this task to offer a continious process for loans, entirely online.

By Numbers

Fully functioning markets
Granted loans in USD since 2013
Growth in 2018
Loans Approved Globally

The Lime Advantage

We completely changed our digital platform with financial and credit products. Our goal is to help people from all over the continents by introducing financial technologies to promote online lending.
With our digital lending platform, we provide fully automated and affordable technology to help unlock the purchasing power for millions of people, 24/7.

Al Solutions Machine Learning

Advanced Algorithms

Use of Proprietary Datasets

Our Digital Products